September 10, 2021

Orca Online - Who? What? Why?

Orca Online - Who? What? Why?

If you're reading this, you've probably got some questions about Orca. So, without further ado, lets get into it.

Wait, so you're called Orca Online?

Yes, yes we are.

But you were 5 Rings Marketing?

Yes, yes we were.

So what happened?

The answer to this one is very simple. In August 2021, 5 Rings Telecom and 5 Rings IT were sold to Babble Cloud to increase their UK reach. The fantastic team over at 5 Rings will eventually be incorporated into the Babble brand.
During these negotiations (and actually without any knowledge of this), we were exploring options surrounding the name, feeling that the brand wasn't necessarily in line with our strategy and our plans moving forward - so it actually worked out really well in the end.

So there's no issue with 5 Rings/Babble?

None whatsoever - we'll continue to work with 5 Rings on a number of different projects - we're all friends still and the only thing that has changed is our name.

Great! So why Orca Online?

That's pretty simple; the Orca is one of the biggest, strongest and most magnificent animals on the planet. They are the king of their world and being an apex predator, they are ahead of all others around them. They're also highly social animals, spending time in the ocean in large groups or "pods".
That's when we realised; we want to use our knowledge and experience to make our clients an Orca - the best they can be in their given market. We want them to join us in our Pod, helping each other to be the best we can be. It also helps that the Orca is the favourite animal of Paul, our Managing Director. Graham, our Account Manager would have preferred a Penguin, but he was put in his place.

Sounds exciting! Is the team still the same?

It most definitely is. In fact, we have plans to increase our Pod over the next few months and are looking for additional talent to join us - we'll update everyone about that in due course. The team is still headed up by Paul, ably assisted by Graham in his Account Management and Operational role, Gary who keeps his eyes on ours and our clients strategies, Jonni who looks after our Paid Ads clients and team, Perry who heads the development (Web front end and systems) and Ethan, our Marketing Assistant.

We are still beavering away (not like a Beaver, but 'Orca-ing' doesn't work) on all aspects of our brand, our website and overall identity - so there may be subtle changes over the coming weeks as we juggle our new brand whilst simultaneously providing the same high-level, results-driven digital solutions for our clients.

How will we hear about the updates? If you're 'highly social' are you on social media?

We are. You'll want to look for 'bemoreorca' on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Will you be dressing up as Orcas?

It's not likely. There may be an inflatable Orca somewhere in the office, however...

Ready for Action?

Forgive us, but our new website is coming soon. We cant wait to chat to you though, so please hit the button below to get in touch now.
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