November 19, 2021

Being More Orca... Almost Literally

Being More Orca... Almost Literally

From the first time we came up with the idea of Orca Online, the phrase 'Be More Orca' has always stuck with us. The idea behind it has always been a conceptual one - we can all strive to be the biggest, or the best in our particular area of expertise - but we have decided to take this to a new level. Partly because we can, but mainly because we believe so strongly in the conservation and continued growth of Orcas.

So how have we done this?

We did consider making an Orca costume part of our dress policy, but I was told that was silly. Instead, we have teamed up with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) to adopt our own Orca.

Everyone, we'd like to introduce you to Bend.

Blend the Orca swimming in the sea with the notch in her dorsal fin visible.

Born in 1999, Bend joined her mother Clio and others in the regularly seen A1 Pod which inhabits the coastal areas around Vancouver Island and Queen Charlotte Islands off the coast of British Columbia.

Bend has since become a mother, with her child Jamieson being born in 2013.

As you might be able to see, Bend has a unique feature. On the front edge of her dorsal fin is a notch and as she grew, her lopsided fin took on the somewhat comical look of the sorting hat from Harry Potter. No wizardry at work here though.

We fully intend to keep everyone updated with news and updates about Bend as often as we receive them. We are also planning to work alongside WDC further as we are universally agreed that lots needs to be done to help protect these beautiful, gracious mammals.

Bend will take her place alongside the team on our updated website as we continue to develop this behind the scenes. And we will continue to show her progress on our social channels, so if you haven't already then do connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

Ready for Action?

Forgive us, but our new website is coming soon. We cant wait to chat to you though, so please hit the button below to get in touch now.
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