Your website is your hardest working sales person – let’s treat it to some SEO and climb those Google ranks!


Search Engine Optimisation - We will get you seen!

Your website is most likely your top salesperson. After all, who else works 24 hours a day for no reward! So we think it is time to start treating your website as one of the team. It is time to dedicate some resource to its development and to start nurturing its growth. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most important factors in placing your message (or your product) in front of your ideal customers.
As of January 2019 it was reported that there were 1.94 billion websites in the world. Apparently, 400 thousand are developed every day, and in the final quarter of 2018 there were 340 million domain names registered! Lucky for those websites there are over 4 billion internet users across the globe.

Enormous numbers come with enormous opportunity, but also pretty high levels of competition and constant change.

It is therefore essential to have a good digital marketing strategy in place. And optimising your web pages to show on the first page of the search engines must be in your plan. Especially for your key search terms.

This is where SEO is crucial, and where we come in.

Why should you start an SEO program for your business?

Over 95% of searchers only view the first page of results. Are you there for your key search terms?

Generally the first page only shows 10 websites. If the searcher does not find what the are looking for they often change search instead of going to page 2. So it’s a fight for those top spots. That's our goal!
Achieving these positions requires several separate, but related activities aligned to that goal. We offer a comprehensive, high quality and “white hat” SEO program. No short term ‘lets fool google’ techniques here. So if you are looking for a partner to really help your business then you are in the right place.

SEO is a process where results do come, some are almost instant, some take longer. When working with us you will see visible and clear progress as we go.

Our SEO Packages

Whether its a free audit or one of our kickstart packages, we got you sorted.
Free Digital Audit
Book a slot with our expert team to discuss your digital world. We will cover all aspects of your website, hosting, maintenance, IT support, search engine marketing and more.
Free SEO Audit
We can run a few tests and look at your SEO from our offices. This will provide a summary of your current setup and online presence and our initial thoughts for review with our team over the phone.
Paid SEO Audit
If you are serious about working with Orca on your Search Engine Optimisation Programme we offer a detailed SEO Audit and follow up meeting that really helps you understand what can be achieved. It can highlight many beneficial areas for improvement whether you decide to run with an SEO programme or not.
SEO Kickstart
If you are cautious or concerned about SEO and want to discuss this with our team we can provide a basic audit, a 2-hour meeting, initial keyword research and competitor analysis, Google analytics review, some key initial SEO work and follow up for just £395.00 - We can discuss all elements of your strategy and discuss where SEO fits right now in your digital world.
Silver SEO - On Page Programme to shift you up the ranks
A great starter SEO pack with no fixed term contract to get you started. 11 different offerings in this package including 4 full pages optimised every month, monitoring of over 100 keywords all designed for websites of up to 60 pages. With at least 16 hours of work per month this package is great value and really drives results. No Contract.
Gold SEO - On-page and Off Page Optimisation including Blogs
Our Gold SEO package comes with a 6 Month SEO Plan plus Road Map. This package contains 21 different offerings including the monitoring of over 350 keywords. Gold SEO fully optimises multiple pages per month and provides time for deep keyword planning and a host of off-page content creation for those all-important back-links.
Platinum SEO - Intensive Optimisation, Blogging and Link Building
Our Platinum SEO package gets pretty technical, providing over 23 different offerings and over 30 hours of monthly work it really is a great programme for those who operate in highly competitive, or high cost per click keyword marketplaces.
E-Commerce SEO - Product based SEO Solutions
E-commerce SEO is a field of its own. Our approach can cover a multitude of tasks to help your products show online when searched for. Our E-commerce campaigns provide Full On-page Optimisation (8 pages min) per month and 3 months intensive link building campaign.
SEO Monthly Maintenance
Our monthly maintenance offering is a great way to monitor keywords and rankings if you feel that our Bronze / Silver / Gold plans have achieved all their goals. Our maintenance plans monitor keywords and can provide regular blogs and articles aimed at maintaining your ranking. We will recommend/advise moving back to one of our packs if rankings start going down or we find negative SEO signals on your website.

Why use us for your SEO?

Tailored to you
Your business is different from the others. Our campaign will be structured and deployed to meet your individual needs
Goal Driven
The SEO program will have clear, measurable and achievable objectives - all agreed with you as we go
Quality Keyword Research
Identifying those searches that your ideal customers use is key to minimising trial and error, and our approach often brings about terms you hadn't considered
Technical Auditing
We are a digital / tech-led company and getting behind the scenes of your website helps us find and sort the things that are holding you back in the rankings - we'll fix all this before we spend time on the keywords.

Looking for an expert SEO team?

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What we get up to, for you.

Just like the ocean, we all exist in a crowded marketplace. These days it is more important than every to be seen (or heard) online.
You need to stand out from the crowd. You need to be more orca.
That's why we operate on a result led system, finding and linking your online (and offline) components together to create increased visibility that delivers value, clients and customers to your business time and time again, including;

Ready for Action?

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