April 13, 2022

How Valuable Is Website Support For My Business?

How Valuable Is Website Support For My Business?

If you had a member of staff who worked 24 hours a day, seven days a week and represented your company nationally and internationally, you'd definitely be looking after them.

So is a website really any different?

Think of it this way: You and your team are so busy working *in* the business that you've not had the opportunity to work *on* the business. That blog page hasn't been updated for ages, the website was probably backed up roughly around the last time the UK had a Labour government, and there are more outdated plugins on your website than there are litres of fuel in your car.

It can't go on, can it?

Even if you had all the time and required knowledge to do all that as well as take care of other marketing avenues, should you?

Is that the best use of your time when, for a very affordable monthly outlay, you could allow an experienced team like ours to look after it for you?

So let's talk a little about our Care Plans.

Always Wear Protection

The key basics, the absolutely critical 'must-have-without-fail' aspects of taking care of your website, are ensuring you have rock-solid hosting.

Not just from a security perspective but also in terms of speed.

You can optimise your website all you like, but if the web hosting isn't up to it, something needs to change. Thankfully, we have carefully selected hosting providers who can ensure that your website is speedier than...well, a speedy thing.

Of course, once you have your website hosting sorted out, you have to keep it secure.

You'll need to make sure that the core WordPress files are up to date as soon as is necessary (as well as any plugins/themes) and that they are compatible.

There is no heartbreak worse than updating your site's plugins to find there is an issue and you need to somehow 'roll back'. We have the processes in place to ensure that your site is updated and up to date, so you don't have to find the time or learn how to do it... or both.

A Report A Day* Keeps The Doctor Away

One of the worries many business owners have is that when they hand the keys to their website over to someone else, they'll not have a clue what is going on with it.

That's why we have our monthly reporting for you (*we know we said 'Day' in the heading of this section, but it won't actually rhyme if we said 'month').

Our reports include:

  • Details of all the updates that take place on your site
  • Details of all the backups we take
  • How long your website is inaccessible due to downtime (which is very rare - our cumulative uptime is an impressive 99.98%), and what the causes are.

Does that sound like enough? Well, we don't stop there.

We track your analytics and report back on the month that was; we ensure your website performance is up to scratch, and we'll suggest opportunities for you to enhance things further and what needs to happen.

We have a range of plans and solutions that fit both your size of business and your budget.

One thing is for sure: it is a worthwhile investment not just for your website but also for your own peace of mind. You can then concentrate on what you should be focusing on - kicking ass with your business.

If this sounds like something you could do with, then call us on 01903 866143 or send an email to care@orcaonline.co.uk and our team will be in touch to identify how we can best benefit you.


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