March 26, 2019

"What does it mean to me?" - Googles March Algorithm Update

"What does it mean to me?" - Googles March Algorithm Update

'What does Google's March update mean to me' is a wonderful question. One that some people may ask themselves because they know Google has made some changes.  Or one they may indirectly stumble upon after seeing their visitor numbers drop online and doing some research into why.

There are many opinions out there, plenty of discussions and countless hours of reading needed to work out what the Googles March update really means to you.  It didn't even have a name initially.  It was just one of Googles continual tweaks in its quest to show what they feel is the right content to the searcher.  It is something that happens multiple times a year and changes every time.

The answer to the question differs for many websites and businesses based on their own search goals, site content, previous strategy and more.  There is no universal answer or a quick fix.  That is why a quality Search Engine programme aligned with the rest of your digital sphere is key to long term success.

Do a little Google Search for "Google March algorithm update" and you'll be swamped with pages upon pages of interpretations and discussions. Many for it, plenty annoyed and frustrated by it.  The reality is that for most of us there is no point fighting it, you just have to adapt and embrace it.


One account is worth following on Twitter if you want news directly from the horse's mouth is @searchliaison - This account provides official tweets from Google's public liaison of search, @dannysullivan, sharing insights on how Google search works.

The overriding reality of the March update is that we have to continue to focus on staple Google favourites like building brand trust and delivering authoritative content that customers find valuable (and hopefully share).

When you marry quality content with a website that provides a positive user experience then Google can do nothing other than put another tick in your box.

It really is a minefield, and that is why we work with businesses to focus on as much of the digital arena as we can to ensure quality, clarity, and delivery of a package that the mighty Google likes.  Or at least likes more than it did.

Driving visitors to your site, keeping them there, and increasing conversions is the ultimate goal and if you would like to discuss your digital landscape then get in touch and book an introductory review with our team.


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