April 11, 2022

Why Blog? Four Top Benefits of Blogging For Business

Why Blog? Four Top Benefits of Blogging For Business

Why should your business have a blog?

Especially in 2022, surely blogs are a little... passe?

Well, blogs are many things to many people. But one thing they are not is ‘passe’.


77% of internet users read blogs

- LinkedIn

Blogging can help your website get up to 55% more visitors

- HubSpot

Having a blog can increase your ranking potential by 434%

- HubSpot


Let’s look at some of these benefits of blogging for business.

Search Engines LOVE Blogs

Well, to be totally clear: search engines are big, big fans of fresh content.

That’s because it tells the Google bots that your website is looked after and hasn’t been left to squalor.

This is important because it means your site will be more likely to get scanned frequently. And when it is, the fresh content will be picked up and ranked.

Now, many websites struggle to think of reasons to create fresh content.

I mean, if you’re not an e-commerce site with regular stock updates/arrivals, what more can you add once the 'homepage', 'about' section and 'services' pages have been published?

That’s why blogs are such a good idea. And why search engines (by default) love them.

Blogs Help Provide Content For Social Media

This is good for two reasons.

1. Churning out regular social media posts can be pretty time-consuming, particularly if you struggle for content.

If you’re creative with it, you could get at least two or three social media posts out of one blog post. And if the content is evergreen (i.e. the information does not date), then it will be a resource you can keep coming back to in the coming months and even years.

2. With links to the blog in your social post, you are potentially marketing your business to the whole world.

Now, that might be a little wishful thinking – particularly if there’s no budget behind your social media.

But the point is, it’s a marketing tool for you to shout about your business and point people towards your expertise and knowledge.

Blogs Help Build Brand Awareness And Trust

Let’s imagine you’re a business that leases cars.

You realise there are a lot of people searching the following phrase on Google: 'What are the benefits of a car lease?'

And so you publish a blog, answering that same query.

Boom! That right there is a great way to help build brand awareness and trust.

If your article is both written well and informative, you will have genuinely helped anyone who reads it.

And if THEY liked it, they’ll likely share it and tell any of their friends who are also thinking about leasing a car.

Blogs Help Convert Traffic Into Leads

OK, let’s keep the car leasing theme going…

You've written the blog; it's optimised well, so people are finding it easily on Google; people are even sharing it on social media.

How could you help ensure those grateful site visitors start spending money with you?

I’ve got three letters for you: ‘CTA’ – Call To Action.

A ‘Call To Action’ is a (subtle) instruction, reminding people about your services and how they can access them.

So, for example, with your helpful blog, you could end it by saying something like:

'Are you thinking of leasing a car? Find out how we could help you find the best price for your dream ride.'

If part of that text included a hyperlink to your services and/or contact page, you're golden.


So, there you have it: four top benefits of blogging for business.

And of course, it would be totally remiss of us not to add that if YOU would like help with YOUR blogs, get in touch.

Email Orca Online Marketing today to see how we could get that content working harder for you: hello@orcaonline.co.uk


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