October 22, 2021

Custom Website forms with extra features

Custom Website forms with extra features

Hands up if you use your website, or lead gen pages to capture information from customers, or prospects. ?

We bet that will be most of you right! After all, if you are not, then you are probably missing a trick and you should pick up the phone or send us an email right now.

Anyway, the real reason for this blog is that we received an email into Orca HQ yesterday from one of the popular WordPress web form plugin creators and it was great to see that they have recently added a feature allowing the ability for the visitor to save and resume the form completion. With features like these, forms can suddenly open up all sorts of possibilities for you and your site users.

The plugin developer in question was WPForms (their pro version) and their announcement (click here) stated;

"Our Save and Resume addon will make long forms much easier to complete. It’s perfect for complex forms, and you can also use it if a form needs to be filled in by multiple people at different stages in a workflow.

By adding Save and Resume to forms that users find tricky, you could increase form conversions and reduce abandonment. Your visitor can save their entry even if the ‘Required’ fields aren’t yet complete."

We think their right to be honest and really have seen great client and prospect capture improvements from form work we've carried out for our customers.

Here at Orca, 'Multi-Step', 'Save and Resume,' and more 'Custom forms' are something we are becoming pretty damn good at, even if we do say so ourselves. We're even playing with custom graphic forms and feeding the output directly into a client's Zoho CRM at the moment.

We've recently built in an integration with global mapping tool What3Words so that our clients customers can pinpoint exactly where they want their collection or delivery to take place. Sometimes postcodes, house numbers, and road names just didn't cut it.

If you have long, tricky, start-stop forms on your website, features like Save and Resume are now available and will delight your customers and boost your form conversions.

So, if you feel like a web-based form could be used or improved to speed up a process, to gather better information, or just improve your customer or prospect experience then get in touch with us today to discuss.

Don't forget we are also happy to provide you with advice and services relating to the rest of the Digital Marketing landscape. Give us a call on 01903 866143 and let's discuss your requirements.


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