April 2, 2020

Marketing Your Way Through COVID-19

Marketing Your Way Through COVID-19

The globe has been changed on a vast scale due to the current Coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis. Loved ones have been lost, freedoms have been (temporarily at least) restricted and the work-life for many has changed: the healthcare, retail and cleaners who for some time have been otherwise dismissed are now the 'key' workers, putting themselves on the front-line against the virus and finally getting the recognition they deserve.

Every area of business is being affected, and the marketing world is no exception. During times of financial difficulty and budget cuts, the marketing budget is often at the top of the list to be shed and marketers around the globe are now faced with trying to market their products and services to industries that cant, or won't spend any of their budgets, or consumers who simply can't afford to add them to their luxuries. Like the arid wastelands; only the strong and adaptable survive.

So as a business, where do you put your money to maximise any benefit? How do you market your company? The natural and obvious answer is of course 'that depends' as there are myriad factors in play; what your budget is, who your target markets are and of course, are they still able and willing to engage with your brand. It's very possible to keep your audience engaged and loyal without necessarily converting them to sales (though of course that's the goal), but by simply showing the 'human' side of the business can set you aside from the rest...or cut you adrift (Sports Direct, we're looking at you).
It's important at this point to review every aspect of your marketing collateral, both active and scheduled to ensure the tone is correct for the current times. What before may have been interpreted as fine, may now be seen as insensitive today, or next week. Customers will remember the brands that stand by them during times of need and they will reward them when they have the opportunity to do so.

Volvo nailing it perfectly - showing care and support for their customers but also able to show humility in an industry usually full of superlatives.

Social Media has a massive part to play, more so than it ever has: with workers either working from home (and therefore possibly more distracted) and those unfortunately furloughed or even worse, laid off, they now find themselves with more time on their hands and one demon we always return to is the social channels. By upping your activity on social channels a business can show they are not only engaged with their audience but it can also be a quick and beneficial communication method - be responsive to any questions you receive, ensure that your messages are on-brand and sensitive to the current climate.
Brands are utilising paid advertising to ensure their messages are reaching their users more than relying on the algorithms of social channels, especially in a time where messages are becoming lost in a sea of ever increasing activity. Additional marketing spend may not be suitable for everyone at the moment, but it cannot be ignored as a way to stick your head above the digital parapet.

Many companies during this time are taking the opportunity to review and prepare for the future, whether it's that website re-design they've been putting off or that long-overdue marketing audit and there are still businesses that are able, willing and very happy to help you do this - it's not just ensuring that you are operating through the current situation, but also that you are set to be strong and consistent for the future, too.

We're still here to help you for that exact same thing. Send our experienced and dynamic marketing team an email or give them a call on 01903 866143 and we'll help you navigate through this and any other situation.

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